Developing my website

After a successful trip to London free range festival

I was inspired to hit the streets and do some portraiture

My images have been uploaded to the website, I’m editing so text will accompany shortly to provide some interesting narrative of some wonderful people

Thank you London


Construction of the online identity

This Interesting body of research provided by the university of Torino delves into the pros and cons of digital make up.

A study of the self portrait

In preparation to the upcoming year of masters study, I have decided to do some research on the self project

I will be questioning the reasoning behind our expressions of insecurity and use of filters on social media

Why do we show others a glimpse of our selves. A self we want others to see that will portray our lives

Instead of showing our true self in that moment



By Harry Eggleston

Have you ever been to the movies, listened to some music, looked at some artwork, or a photograph.

And experienced an overwhelming sense of heightened emotion.

The exposure of your self is in the hands of the artwork or film and for that split second you are completely vulnerable

This is a beautiful feeling but so many of us hide our emotions inside so tight that we forget how to embrace and let go, both positive and negative emotions

One reason for this is because so so many of us want to be portrayed a certain way, The tough person, the quiet person or the loud person.

How we act towards ourselves and others sometimes is just a reflection of what we think we should act like.

Suppression is common, but a tidal wave of hidden emotions will one day look for an escape 😞

Feel! Scream, laugh, cry!! Just get it out

Spread all the love xxxx

…………….research for my next project